Igpasungaw Falls: An Escape in Antique

Igpasungaw Falls

Following our quickie (which didn’t feel like one, by the way) in Hinugtan Beach, we made our way from Alegria, Aklan to Sebaste, Antique in two tricycle rides and one bus ride within two hours. From there we hopped on one more tricycle and arrived at the jump-off point to Igpasungaw Falls around three o’clock.


Reaching Igpasungaw Falls is easy-peasy because Sebaste is accessible by buses from Caticlan, Kalibo, and Iloilo. Our transportation was unconventional because we had a jam-packed weekend itinenarny itinerary and couldn’t afford to wait for one. We had to keep moving, just like in life. (YEHES!)

The Hike

Like other regulated tourist attractions, registration is required before the chase can commence. It drizzled as we started the hike but it was over before we even thought about turning on our heels. Rivers will have to be crossed along the way and ropes may be necessary to avoid literally going with the flow. We arrived at our first stop in roughly 30 minutes.

First stop

Strong currents

After acclimatizing to the water, we headed off for 15 minutes to the next stop, where I realized how worthwhile the visit was.

Hike to Igpasungaw Falls

The Waterfalls

Igpasungaw Falls

There’s no better background for a group photo.

The Igpasungaw Falls Team

If you have an eagle eye (which I doubt), you must’ve noticed that it’s the waterfall in the topmost photo. That’s right, it’s possible to go behind it. Of course, it could be very slippery so extreme caution should be taken. If ever you fall—in the same way you fell for someone who didn’t reciprocate your feelings—don’t go against gravity and just plummet into the water, like what my classmate did.

Igpasungaw Falls

Igpasungaw Falls up-close

Behind Igpasungaw Falls

We arrived at our last stop, where a wide pool was sitting, waiting to be harassed disturbed, in less than 10 minutes. I guess this would have to be what everyone considers as the Igpasungaw Falls.

Igpasungaw Falls

The Igpasungaw Falls

Modeling at Igpasungaw Falls

Sliding down (if you can slide up, do let me know) the first two waterfalls was no trick, but before we did it we walked a tad further to check what was around and, well, immortalize the experience in photos.

Igpasungaw Falls cascades

Igpasungaw Falls

Photo shoot at Igpasungaw Falls

Exploring even further

Who doesn’t want a massage, right? Although it was such a shame there was no extra service.

Free massage at Igpasungaw Falls

Threesome at Igpasungaw Falls

Waterfall Slide

And then it was the moment of truth. Could I be contemplating about my decisions in life here, thinking that it may not be too late?

Sliding down Igpasungaw Falls

And then it was too late. There was a bubbly light, and I thought I was done for. (Nah.)

Sliding down Igpasungaw Falls

Being the #influencer that I am, I wasted no time in shouting at the other two, telling them that there’s no point in delaying the deed.

Sliding down Igpasungaw Falls

We slid together side-by-side on the next one, leading to the photo below which is quite reminiscent of the one we had in Guimaras while in the middle of the ocean.

Sliding down Igpasungaw Falls

We had the place to ourselves but my hunch told me that it gets crowded on perfectly sunny days especially in the morning. In any case, start early so you can wallow in the waters all day and have all the stopovers that you want. It’s an easy trail and your only adversaries are the slippery rocks and current when crossing rivers. If it’s raining or rained recently, that’s gonna be another story. The cascades when we were there were not at their mightiest but I’d say that the torrent doesn’t dictate how much you’ll have fun. Besides, the pools were just too good.


The cost of the tricycle ride to and from the jump-off point was ₱500 and has been excluded because our final destination was Culasi. Haggle if you’re only going back to Sebaste.

ItemCost (PHP)
Tricycle ride from Alegria to Libertad400
Tricycle ride from Liberted to Pandan150
Bus ride from Pandan to Sebaste100
Igpasungaw Falls fees590
Total Per Head (5)248.00

Visited: June 2017


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