• A Week in Greece

How to Score in Seat Sales

Seat Sale

We’re halfway through the second month of the year and during January alone I already came across a lot of seat sales. There’s the corona scare, no doubt about that, but don’t let that hinder you from wanting to go to places, because like in The Maze Runner, scientists are looking for a cure. And it can be found, for sure. (Damn, how good can I get with rhymes?) In fact, as of writing there’s already news on Favilavir.

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A Week in Greece: Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, and Athens

Santorini, Greece

Before you can say “expensive”, let me break it to you that if you want to fly to Europe for less than ₱20,000, it’ll take an error fare for that or a really mad seat sale. That being said, I scored my round trip tickets from Manila to Athens for only ₱22,518.66. “Only” because, c’mon, it’s the Schengen area, which means you can hop to other countries without needing additional visas. (Bloody visas!) Despite the long layovers in Singapore, it was definitely a no-brainer when I saw the deal. Besides, I got to meet and shoot with my postgraduate folks there. Social as usual, brotha!

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US Visa Applicatien for Filipinos

USA Visa

There are gazillions of similar posts out there but with the recent news that the applicant’s social media details are now part of the requirements and how seemingly hard it is to get a visa in the Philippines, thought I should share how the process went for me (well, before social media came in). But before anything else, ready your twang! See what I did in the title of this post? Demn right, I did. See what I just did again there?! Demn.

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