Overnight at Kenyama Beach Resort

Jump shot in Guimaras!

The year’s Independence Day brought me back to the place where I earned my degree. The holiday fell on a Tuesday so one just had to file a leave for Monday and call it a looong weekend. As for my ticket, booking it was semi-accidental; I was just playing around with Cebu Pacific Air‘s Travel Funds when… Boom! Flight to Iloilo confirmed. The destination? Kenyama Beach Resort in Guimaras.


Guimaras Island is a just a 15-minute boat ride from Iloilo. Fare from Ortiz to Jordan was only ₱14. Yes, you read that right.

Boat ride to Guimaras

From the port was about an hour of land travel to Guisi where Kenyama Beach Resort is located. The engine overheated so we managed to take the shot below while the driver was fetching water. We had the ride exclusively to ourselves, by the way.

Multicab ride to Guisi

Resort & Accommodation

Kenyama Beach Resort is built on the side of a mountain. Welcoming you is a terrace overlooking the beach. It’s a wonderful sight.

Arriving at Kenyama Beach Resort

And here’s what I was talkin’ about. Don’t you think those blues are simply lovable?

View from the Kenyama Beach Resort terrace

The reception area is also where the dining tables are. It had a pool table which we, despite one of our girls being a bilyaran tambay, didn’t exploit.

Kenyama Beach Resort reception area

Our room, which had a capacity of 9 persons, originally cost ₱3,500 but since there were 12 of us we rendered an additional ₱300 for extra foams and ₱360 for corkage. That room works best for a big group; not air-conditioned but has its own bathroom.

Kenyama Beach Resort accommodation

Kenyama Beach Resort accommodation

Just outside the room was this view. I will speak no more.

Sea view from Kenyama Beach Resort

Your friendly neighborhood Spidey also happened to be around. Naturally, he was going berserk from time to time. I was once attacked by one and all I can say is that they’re really strong. Born to be wild, that is!

Monkey business

At this point, I decided to buy the entire island as I just couldn’t let the opportunity slip away. Hi’m the king of Foursquare the world!

Señor Nelson

The Beach

Going down to the beach, I noticed that most of the guests were Japanese. That’s when I realized and knew that the owner is Japanese. The name of the resort itself is one. “Kenyama” could translate to “Ken Mountain.” From that point, my tongue was itching to talk to at least one of them in Nihongo. Too bad, I didn’t really get the chance.

Going down the stairs to the beach

Closer to Kenyama Beach

To the left of the horizon was this contour. Braving it was just the perfect thing to do before hitting the waters.

Exploring the edge of Kenyama Beach

Exploring the edge of Kenyama Beach

That white building is Kenyama Beach Resort. The tide may have already been getting high during this time but the experience was already too overwhelming that such detail didn’t seem to matter anymore.

Exploring the edge of Kenyama Beach

Exploring the edge of Kenyama Beach

One more stretch! Oop!

Exploring the edge of Kenyama Beach

When we reached the point of no return, I mean, the point where we can no longer go further, we just rested and made the most of the picture-taking. Here’s a classic no-smile family picture where there seems to be a traitor. A jump shot here would’ve been nice, but good luck with that. Directly above this spot were lighthouses we failed to visit.

Familia Zaragoza

They said that the sand is not as white as other beaches like Boracay’s. I couldn’t tell the difference at all. Let’s just say that as long as it’s not grey, then it’s already white for me.

Footprints in the sand

Finally, it was time to splash some seawater. To the right of the horizon were rocks where you could jump from. However, as much as I would love to dive, I don’t know how to do the stunt. (None of us does, actually.) Presenting the seven brave souls!

Cliff jumping at Kenyama Beach Resort!

Before calling it a day, we had these lovely shots with the setting sun. Thinking about it now, it would’ve been cooler if we were jumping into the water. But for every unappealing shot, a retake would require tremendous effort.

Sunset at Kenyama Beach Resort

Sunset at Kenyama Beach Resort

Dinner was catered by the local store nearest the resort because we didn’t have the budget for the food available at the restaurant. Since it was already a bit late, we were only left with corned beef, sardines, eggs, and fish. When the food arrived, it just showed how fine of a dining it was given our grumbling stomachs. Two and a half kilograms of rice? Gone in the blink of an eye. Over drinks, I became the laughing stock (even in Twitter!) when I posted about the local name of the fish as “tabaghak” instead of “tabagak.” You have the resort’s Wi-Fi to thank for that.

Island Hopping

After breakfast we immediately had our arses on board for the island hopping. Unfortunately, the guides claimed that the waves weren’t friendly so we wouldn’t be able to visit some caves. We only stopped on two islands that it turned out more like an island sightseeing instead. The views were wonderful, nonetheless.

During our first stop we witnessed extravagant sequels of infamous action-packed movies. Feel free to think of the titles that first come to mind.

Kung Fu Hustle: Guimaras Edition

The Matrix Reloaded: Guimaras Edition

Splurging in the crystal waters of the islands was obligatory. Those different shades of blue look very enticing if you ask me.

Island hopping in Guimaras

Since we no longer had a particular destination after a U-turn, we asked for a stopover in the middle of the ocean. There were life vests, but those who were incapable of “kicking water” still didn’t take a dip. When I tried to reach the bottom I felt my ear exploding; my classmate succeeded.

Island hopping in Guimaras

Cliff Jumping

We went for a few more rounds of cliff jumping under the bright sun. The clear sky made the view even more admirable. I reached this spot by swimming all the way behind a bigger rock on the left. Man, that was tiring (and risky). My feet must’ve been very tired from treading that I found it hard to stand on the rock beneath the one on the surface; sustained my fourth and biggest cut, on the left foot this time.

Cliff jumping at Kenyama Beach Resort!

To the right was a way higher rock with stairs leading to its top. It couldn’t be reached by foot so we had to swim to it. Three of us dared to jump off it and to avoid injuries, one surveyed the depth of the water first. “Cowabunga!” It was strange why there were no lookouts for people like us who would do such feat. Perhaps ’cause the resort was still new? In any case, people should be responsible of their own actions.

Cliff jumping at Kenyama Beach Resort!

Prior to our trip the weather was all gloomy. I couldn’t be more thankful that it eventually cleared up. This post proves how much I had fun as I’ve never blogged about traveling before. Travel while young (I know, the line’s overused) and credits to Glo, Lairy, Marianne, and Peace for the pictures!


ItemCost (PHP)
Boat ride from Iloilo to Guimaras140
Multicab ride to Guisi600
Hot water / paper cups90
Island hopping1200
Multicab ride from Guisi700
Boat ride from Guimaras to Iloilo168
Total Per Head (12)796.75

Visited: June 2012


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    1. Hey Bong,

      I haven’t actually checked their menu but according to my friend who did so, short orders (sinigang, adobo, porkchop, crispy pata, etc.) range from 250-500 pesos. Breakfast meals are cheaper.

      I don’t remember seeing any eatery outside the resort, just the one in the adjacent resort. We asked if we could eat there but they said they only serve food to those who are staying there. Kind of doesn’t make sense, actually. It’s money, c’mon.

      Anyway, have a great time there!

  1. do you have Kenyama’s contact number? the numbers they have on their website cannot be reached all the time…my group is planning to stay this coming sept. 1 …and i want to make an advance reservation…can you help me pls?

    1. Hi Anne!

      According to my friend who arranged our stay there, contacting them through the numbers indicated in their website really is a tough thing. You’ll just have to try over and over again. She also noted that she successfully reached them through their SMART number.

      Go for it!

  2. Nelson~! Its been a while since I commented.

    Your life sounds so awesome. You are always on gala mode. I so envy that.

  3. KUYYYYAAAAA!!! VERY NICE UPDATE!!! <3 it's been a while 8D

    Ang ganda naman dyan!!! Kenyama sounds so japanese XD HAHAHAHA! I will recommend this to my colleagues XD Hehehehe! Glad you had super fun summer outing! 🙂

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