A Man’s Travel Packing Checklist

Travel packing checklist top priority: a hip flask

I may not look like it, but I’m actually someone who likes to keep things in order. As if being drunk, I could no longer recall the particular instance which drove me to start a travel packing checklist but it’s pretty darn obvious that it was to avoid forgetting something moving forward, especially in times when there are only a few more hours left before departure and my shit’s not yet together. Mind you, it has never failed me ever since.

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Why You Should Post on Social Media

Reasons why you should post on social media

In the past couple of days I’ve been posting photos of being on a trip and of course I knew that people will have something to say (we always do). I’m a ZFG guy but this claim was blown to smithereens when someone messaged me: “at talagang pinangangalandakan mong nakakagala ka pa tsss”

That seven-syllable Tagalog verb hit a nerve.

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How to Score in Seat Sales / Promo Fares

Seat sale

Contrary to popular belief, 88% of my round trip flights (those taken for pleasure) within and from the Philippines as of this writing were secured at low prices through luck and patience during seat sales. I’d say that I’ve actually become dexterous at hunting them down. In this post I’ll be putting Cebu Pacific Air into the context but generally it should be the same for other airlines out there particularly those in the Philippines.

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