Why You Should Post on Social Media

Reasons why you should post on social media

In the past couple of days I’ve been posting photos of being on a trip and of course I knew that people will have something to say (we always do). I’m a ZFG guy but this claim was blown to smithereens when someone messaged me: “at talagang pinangangalandakan mong nakakagala ka pa tsss”

That seven-syllable Tagalog verb hit a nerve.

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Free Yellow Fever Vaccine at Bogota Airport

Yellow Fever vaccination certificate

Before COVID-19 forced countries to close borders and only allowed the entry of citizens and residents, I just arrived in Colombia for a 12-day trip without a Yellow Fever vaccine. Don’t get me wrong, I had it planned way ahead and the confirmed cases were only few then. And in retrospect, I barely talked to anyone and constantly sanitized my hands from time to time. #defensive

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