Wow, Igpasungaw Falls!

Igpasungaw Falls

Following our quickie (which didn’t feel like one, by the way) in Hinugtan Beach, we made our way from Alegria, Aklan to Sebaste, Antique in two tricycle rides and one bus ride within two hours. From there we hopped on one more tricycle and arrived at the jump-off point to Igpasungaw Falls around three o’clock.

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A Day at Bunker Dive Resort

Bunker Dive Resort, Bauan, Batangas

If you haven’t heard the news, summer is basically upon us again. And before we know it, it could be almost over already. I already had a dose of Vitamin Sea so Bunker Dive Resort ain’t the first for this season but because I loved our quickie how quick and easy it was to get there, here I am, bragging about it first.

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Hail, Hinugtan Beach!

Chillin' like a villain at Hinugtan Beach, Buruanga, Aklan

Ever since I tried going to Panay via 2GO Travel I’ve always thought that the island is easily accessible from Metro Manila for a quick weekend getaway. If you’re working on a day shift, you just have to work undertime on a Friday to catch the vessel in the evening and go half-day on Monday (the vessel may arrive early but there’s still the bus ride from the port and it’s a manic day). It wasn’t long until I did it again to bite a late summer escape in Hinugtan Beach in Aklan.

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