What to Do on a Layover in Mexico City

Layover in Mexico City

When I went to Singapore to meet my family I had a layover in Mexico and another one in Tokyo. Considering the timing of the purchase of the flights and where I was coming from, it was already a very good deal. The downside of it was the total duration to get to the final destination (not the movie, please). Layovers included, it was 44 hours and 40 minutes. One-way. Yup, no typos there.

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Biblioteca Vasconcelos: Sci-Fi in the Flesh

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

After securing a Telcel SIM card at MEX airport—which I thought cost 129 USD until I checked that “$” is also used for Mexican peso—and making sure it was gonna keep me going in the city, I booked an Uber to Biblioteca Vasconcelos for $91.96 and stepped out in ~23 minutes, muttering the palabra one has to know in the Spanish world: Gracias!

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