• A Day at Bunker Dive Resort

Hail, Hinugtan Beach!

Chillin' like a villain

Ever since I went to Antique and Boracay via 2GO Travel last year, I have always thought that Panay is easily accessible even just over the weekend. If you’re working on a day shift in Metro Manila, you just have to work undertime on a Friday to catch the vessel at nine o’clock and go half-day on Monday. The vessel may arrive quite early in the morning but there’s still the bus ride and, well, it’s supposed to be a manic day. And so when June was approaching, I just thought that I’d bite one last summer escape for the year.

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Experiencing (First) Winter in Korea

Winter in Nami Island

“Denied ba?”
“Approved po.”

And the smile never left my face. That was the only question and answer I wanted to hear when the travel agency called to tell me that my passport was already ready for pick-up. After having been denied of a visa for Japan and even after acquiring one for Taiwan, the fact that you can never really can never can really can tell ever (okay, that was a long one) if you will be granted a visa seems to have traumatized even my hardest bone. In an ambitious plan to give Japan another shot the soonest time possible, I thought of collecting other visas first.

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