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US Visa Applicatien for Filipinos

US tourist visa

There are gazillions of similar posts out there but with the recent news that the applicant’s social media details are now part of the requirements and how seemingly hard it is to get a US visa in the Philippines, I thought I should share how the process went for me (before social media came in, that is). But before anything else, ready your twang! See what I did in the title of this post? Demn right, I did. See what I just did again there?! Demn.

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Australia Visa in One Day

Australia tourist visa

So I stumbled upon my Australia visa e-mail notice and apparently it was around this time a year ago (and five days, to be exact) when I lodged my application. And the visa? Granted just after a day. As paranoid as I am when it comes to visa applications (after getting denied when I first applied for one for Japan), I mustered all the requirements that I could, thinking that it would minimize the possibility of additional requirements from being asked. And I think it paid off.

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A Day at Bunker Dive Resort

Bunker Dive Resort, Bauan, Batangas

If you haven’t heard the news, summer is basically upon us again. And before we know it, it could be almost over already. I already had a dose of Vitamin Sea so Bunker Dive Resort ain’t the first for this season but because I loved our quickie how quick and easy it was to get there, here I am, bragging about it first.

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