Australia Visa in One Day

Australia Visa Grant

So I stumbled upon my Australia visa e-mail notice and apparently it was around this time last year when I lodged my application (a year and five days, to be exact). And the visa? Granted just a day after it. As paranoid as I usually am when it comes to visa applications (after getting denied when I first applied for one for Japan), I mustered all the requirements that I could, thinking that it would minimize the possibility of additional requirements from being asked. And I think it paid off.

Applying for an Aussie visa was the most convenient visa application process that I’ve experienced so far. It’s a no-show. You just have to create an ImmiAccount, fill in your details, upload your supporting documents, pay for it online (135 AUD), and wait. Of course, notice from the embassy differs for each applicant, but my friend also had hers granted in just a day. She was as paranoid as me, by the way. Haha. I lost hers but below is the full listing of mine.

Australia Visa Requirements

  • Accommodation
    You can easily book via and cancel it when your application gets denied. Not that I’m Negatron.
  • Round trip plane tickets
    Not required. But since we already had ours (for a very good price at ‎₱7,884.40 from Cebu Pacific!), why not.


The text above together with a signature was what I wrote to my Leave Approval, Passport, Payslips, and Expired and Current Passport Pages as they’re supposed to be certified true copies. You can do the same wherever you deem appropriate. I think it also helps that in the application form you get to put the names of the people who you’re going with, if any. They could review your application together and if one of you already has a visa granted (especially a multiple entry), well, that could really be a big factor.

Lastly, Australia visa is simply a printout and not a sticker to the passport. And you don’t get stamped there. Sarry.

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